It’s not until they start betting against you that you become limitless.

I would like to tell you a story today about a little girl…

She was rejected by her family because of the color of her skin.

Ever since she could remember, she struggled to fit in. And when that didn’t work, she rebelled at every turn so they would notice her.

At school she studied hard to gain approval from her teachers and parents, receiving double, even triple promotion, and became the youngest child to graduate. Still they ignored her.

The girl’s parents were ashamed of her and…

We could all undoubtedly use an extra dose of positivity this season by way of a cheery pop of color. And just in time for the holiday season Lemon Yellow has been declared the Fall 2020 Pantone color of the year.

This citrusy tone can be easily plucked from the collections being shown on the runway and added to your wardrobe this fall. The energetic, happy-feeling hue has emerged as one of pre-fall’s top colors and offered in almost every fall wardrobe staple imaginable on the catwalks.


When we hear the term “Self-Love” we tend to think: bubble baths, spa treatments and other indulgences that we justify with our daily hard work. But Self-Love is so much more than that.

At its core, Self-Love means returning to your divine energetic being and embracing everything about yourself. To reach that place you must first get to know yourself, make friends with yourself, and accept all that you are.

Self-exploration then is the beginning of self-love

Unconditional self-love starts with self-discovery. That is indeed the first step. Although uncomfortable at times the journey can be most rewarding. …

“I didn’t come to teach you. I came to love you. Love will teach you.”

When I read this quote tears welled up in my eyes, and a feeling of profound sadness flooded my heart. Fond memories of the kindness and caring of my spiritual mentor, Dr. Naram, overwhelmed me.

A special kind of pain is felt when your mentor’s time on earth is through. However, what we can’t see, in the blurriness of our pain, is that our great teachers have left us with a very detailed road map.

For me, that map has taken me to beautiful places…

The human body is a pretty impressive construct and a pharmacy in itself. It knows how to heal itself.

It’s strange that something like a virus becomes our wakeup call. Suddenly priorities shift. Suddenly one realizes what is most important and what is not.

As I looked around me I was filled with so much gratitude for the blessings in my life, some of which I may have taken for granted — my beautiful home, my friends, my family, my faith.

What a blessed and beautiful life this was!

It had taken an entire week for the fog to lift.

Greeting in the Coronavirus age

The Wai, the most common greeting used by natives of Thailand, consists of bringing one’s palms together while bowing or dipping one’s head. Sometimes the Wai is performed so that it accompanies a verbal greeting. Sometimes it is a nonverbal act with no verbal accompaniment.

Growing up in Thailand I was introduced to the Wai at a very early age. It was part of my upbringing. …

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”


Valentine’s day is here! A day of celebration of love, a day of sharing and giving, an opportunity for us to consciously connect with each other to show our feelings for one another.

Couples across the world are getting ready to paint the town red, enjoying candle lit dinners and gazing across each other over their fancy red heart shaped fondants.

This day’s meaning is supposed to be much…

As little children, we are like seeds that thrive when placed in the right conditions.

A seed is actually dormant if it remains tucked away in a drawer, but it is full of tremendous potential when planted in the right soil and given the water and nutrients it needs.

The same is true for the seeds inside you. Regardless of the family environment you were born into, you are full of tremendous potential. All you have to do is change your internal environment to allow the seeds to grow so they produce the harvest they were intended to produce. …

The last few days have been painful…and sad.

I lost my mother.

Seeing her struggle with not just her health but also in her personal life, all I wanted and prayed for was that my mother would find peace and relief from all the challenges she faced.

Looking back now it seems that my life had been on pause forever. The past six-seven years especially, have been a blur…a jumbled collage of airports, back and forth trips between my home in Los Angeles and my family in Bangkok.

There was an indescribable restlessness — as if there is unfinished business…

Every one wants what they don’t have. It seems no one is happy.

I’ve come to realize that even the women who are held up as shining examples of the current beauty standard don’t love their bodies. Just like us, they long to possess traits they see in their peers: Different hair, different sets of curves, different proportions, different skin color, different everything.

Often, in fact, they desire the direct opposite of what is present: Petite women long for height, dark complexioned women want to be fair, straight-haired women long for curls and boyish figures long for curves.

Most of…

Rani St. Pucchi

Award-winning Couture Fashion Designer, Style & Image Consultant, and Relationship Expert. Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Success Coach and Trainer

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