The Seeds Inside You…

Rani St. Pucchi
4 min readMay 12, 2019

As little children, we are like seeds that thrive when placed in the right conditions.

A seed is actually dormant if it remains tucked away in a drawer, but it is full of tremendous potential when planted in the right soil and given the water and nutrients it needs.

The same is true for the seeds inside you. Regardless of the family environment you were born into, you are full of tremendous potential. All you have to do is change your internal environment to allow the seeds to grow so they produce the harvest they were intended to produce. The seeds lie dormant until they are planted in the soil of your mind.

Open your mind and heart to allow your seeds to be brought to fruition. Give your mature self a chance to get an opportunity to meet the younger you, to expand your awareness of the present, and connect your past with the now, by spending some alone time and diving deep within. Your mature self will help you discover hidden aspects of yourself, clarifying the role each family member played in your life. This is a reminder to you of how much you’ve grown.

By recalling your personal history, you have the opportunity to cultivate the seeds that may have been dormant.

Memories are fragile and often easily muddled. Over time, details can get fuzzy, and even your most poignant memories can be contaminated by what you hear others say.

Begin to get to know yourself, discover and explore yourself to know what you’re capable of. During the most vulnerable years of your life, people may have ignored you; overlooked your achievements and punished you; made you believe that you weren’t capable; that you didn’t know how to do things or which steps to take; and that you were worthless. All that would have wreaked havoc on your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Now you can reconcile with your grievances. Stop being afraid, stop worrying, stop running away without looking back. It’s time to analyze instead of reacting. Your capacity for analysis is your best resource.

Analyze people and learn to discern who you need to stay away from, who you should adopt a prudent and cautious attitude toward, and who to selectively share your life with. Holding onto past grievances is not the solution. When we hold onto our…

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